Centennial Celebrations

Our 100th Anniversary celebrations took place in May, 2010 and extended throughout the year.  This happy event brought with it the renovation of the stained glass throughout the building, the installation of a new elevator and most recently the new glass entryways providing full accessibility.  The unique hexagonal shaped sanctuary with wrap around balcony furnished with an August Forster concert grand piano and Rogers digital organ make this an inspiring place to worship and enjoy a warm fellowship as well as  experience the many wonderful musical and other events throughout the year.

spc congregation photo at centennial

SPC is the only Presbyterian Church in Innisfil and is now on the doorstep of the newly expanded border of the rapidly growing City of Barrie.  The congregation’s vital role continues to grow as we faithfully serve this large region which is home to an interestingly diverse population of commuters, retirees, new residents, cottagers  and farmers.  We hope you can join us!

Celebrating the Centennial of SPC at a Luncheon on the Front Lawn
Celebrating the Centennial of SPC at a Luncheon on the Front Lawn

The Cornerstone of SPC

3 SPC laying of the corner stone May 24th, 1909

Ministers Associated
With Stroud Presbyterian Church

Prior to the erection of the building in 1909 as a multiple point charge  with other churches including, St. Andrew’s Barrie, Churchill (then Presbyterian) Church and most recently Essa Road  Presbyterian Church

 Before 1863 back to 1840’s records of people worshipping in local homes Central Church built in 1840’s and once a twin charge with St. Andrew’s PC, Barrie

1863 – Dr. Burns – Sixth Line Church built
1863-1870 – relief ministers
1870-1870 – Rev. Thomas Wightman
1870-1872 – Rev. W. Reid
1872-1885 – Rev. William McConnell
1885-1892 – Rev. W. A. Duncan
1892-1904 – Rev. J. A. Ross
1904-1912 – Rev. L. MacLean
1913-1919 – Rev. D. A. McKenzie
1919-1925 – Rev. Wallace Johnson

3 point charge with Churchill and Lefroy prior to 1925

1925 – at the time of “Church Union” Stroud P.C. became a two point charge with Essa Road P. C.
1925-1927 – Rev. Douglas Hill
1927-1929 – Rev. J. B. Thompson
1929-1949 – Rev. N. R. D. Sinclair
1950-1958 – Rev. Grant Muir
1959-1968 – Rev. W. S. Bell
1968-1970 – Rev. J.A. Crabb
1971-1973 – Rev. Art Pattison
1974-1974 – Rev. Dr. Fuller
1975-1975 – Rev. Kutcher (died prior to conducting services)
1975-1984 – Rev. J. Bylaard
1975-1981 – Rev. Mark Reeves (United Church minister who filled in)
August 7, 1981 – Stroud P.C. separated from Essa Road P. C. to become a single point charge
1981-1984 – Rev. Dwight Nelson (first a student)
1984-1988 – Rev. David Cooper
1988-1990 – Rev. Case Van Bodegom (then a student)
1990-1990 – Rev. Frances Savill (then a student)
1990 (Nov. 7) – Present – Rev. H. Douglas L. Crocker


A Congregation of The Presbyterian Church in Canada