SPC Contacts

Church Office – (705)436-3323
Clerk of Session – Peter Walton
Communications Committee – Morag Davidson
Congregational Treasurer – Andrew Cowan

Events Committee – Sandra Lott
Minister – Rev. Doug Crocker
Music – organist and choir – Ruth Obando
Offering Envelope Secretary – Pat Laidlaw
Outreach and Visitation – Clerk of Session (Contact)
Pastoral Care – TBA
Representative Elder to the Presbytery of Barrie – Peter Walton
Alternate Representative Elder to Presbytery – Sandy Ellis
Stewardship – contact Clerk
Women’s Missionary Society – Joan Jay (President)
Worship – Dorothy Gibbons (Contact)

Congregational Directory

Directory cover

A special directory committee was struck at the time of our Centennial to produce a Congregational Directory in hard copy that would allow for regular updates.  Since then we have had one update and are in the process now of producing a second from our computer database.   Anyone connected with Stroud who would like a directory may contact the Clerk of Session.

A Congregation of The Presbyterian Church in Canada